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Seamer Parish Council

Council Agenda

The next meeting of the Parish Council is at 7.00pm on Tuesday 8 October 2019  at the Memorial Hall, Seamer. The Agenda and related documents for the meeting can be opened and/or downloaded below.

Please note the Supplementary Agenda re Item 14 (g) Monthly Police Report, Item 14 (h) Report of County Councillor Jeffels and Item 14 (i) E-mail from the County Council’s Stronger Communities Delivery Manager (Scarborough & District) re 'Eat, Meet and Greet' Events , which were received after publication of the Agenda and are included for consideration under Item 14.

Please note also the separate Parishioners' Consultation page, as to locations to undertake speed surveys, to inform consideration of additional sites for Temporary Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) to be sited and moved between.

Meetings of the Parish Council are held at 7.00pm on the second Tuesday of each month. The Agenda and related documents for meetings of the Parish Council are uploaded as pdf files on this page, on or before the Wednesday during the week before the meeting, providing three clear working days before the meeting, and can be opened and/or downloaded. The Agenda is also published on the Parish Council's noticeboards. The Agenda for the following meeting to be held on Tuesday 12 November 2019 will be published on or before Wednesday 6 November 2019.

Items for consideration for the Agenda should be received by the Clerk of the Council at PO Box 512, Scarborough. YO11 9GH or by e-mail to clerk@seamercrossgates.org.uk on or before the Friday during the second week before the meeting ie on or before Friday 1 November 2019 for the 12 November 2019 meeting.


Seamer PC Agenda 8 October 2019 - Public Notice + Standing Orders relating to Public Participation Seamer-PC-Agenda-8-October-2019---Public-Notice-+-Standing-Orders-relating-to-Public-Participation.pdf 430.7 KB Seamer PC Supplementary Agenda 8 October 2019 - Public Notice Seamer-PC-Supplementary-Agenda-8-October-2019---Public-Notice.pdf 255.1 KB ITEM 11 (a) - 2019 Annual Safety Inspection Report - The_Green_Play_Park ITEM-11-(a)---2019-Annual-Safety-Inspection-Report---The_Green_Play_Park.pdf 3.5 MB ITEM 11 (b) - 2019 Annual Safety Inspection Report - Recreation_Ground_off_Pasture_Lane ITEM-11-(b)---2019-Annual-Safety-Inspection-Report---Recreation_Ground_off_Pasture_Lane.pdf 3 MB ITEM 13 - Christmas Carols available dates ITEM-13---Christmas-Carols-available-dates.pdf 215.6 KB ITEM 14 (a) (i) - E-mail from Traffic Bureau re outcome of monitoring and proposed enforcement at Main Street ITEM-14-(a)-(i)---E-mail-from-Traffic-Bureau-re-outcome-of-monitoring-and-proposed-enforcement-at-Main-Street.pdf 874.4 KB ITEM 14 (a) (ii) - E-mail from Traffic Bureau re outcome of monitoring and suitability for Community Speed Watch at Centurion Way ITEM-14-(a)-(ii)---E-mail-from-Traffic-Bureau-re-outcome-of-monitoring-and-suitability-for-Community-Speed-Watch-at-Centurion-Way.pdf 1.2 MB ITEM 14 (b) - E-mails from Resident 1 re hedge cutting in Station Road & Curlew Drive ITEM-14-(b)---E-mails-from-Resident-1-re-hedge-cutting-in-Station-Road-&-Curlew-Drive.pdf 496.4 KB ITEM 14 (b) - E-mail from Resident 2 with images re hedge cutting in Station Road & Curlew Drive ITEM-14-(b)---E-mail-from-Resident-2-with-images-re-hedge-cutting-in-Station-Road-&-Curlew-Drive.pdf 1.4 MB ITEM 14 (c) - E-mail from Cllr Jeffels following meeting with NYCC Highways ITEM-14-(c)---E-mail-from-Cllr-Jeffels-following-meeting-with-NYCC-Highways.pdf 728.4 KB ITEM 14 (d) - E-mails between the Clerk and NYCC Highways re pedestrian crossing on Main Street ITEM-14-(d)---E-mails-between-the-Clerk-and-NYCC-Highways-re-pedestrian-crossing-on-Main-Street.pdf 1 MB ITEM 14 (e) - E-mail from Beyond Housing re bush & fence Bell Close side of approach to Sports Club ITEM-14-(e)---E-mail-from-Beyond-Housing-re-bush-&-fence-Bell-Close-side-of-approach-to-Sports-Club.pdf 594.2 KB ITEM 14 (f) - E-mail from SBC via Cllr Jeffels, confirming HGVs at 1 Ayton Road within the Operator’s licence requirement ITEM-14-(f)---E-mail-from-SBC-via-Cllr-Jeffels,-confirming-HGVs-at-1-Ayton-Road-within-the-Operator’s-licence-requirement.pdf 350.1 KB ITEM 14 (g) - Seamer & Irton Parish Council Police Report October 2019 ITEM-14-(g)---Seamer-&-Irton-Parish-Council-Report-October-2019.pdf 1.4 MB ITEM 14 (h) - Report of County Councillor Jeffels ITEM-14-(h)---Report-of-County-Councillor-Jeffels.pdf 349.4 KB ITEM 14 (i) - E-mail from NYCC re Stronger Communities 'Eat, Meet and Greet' Events ITEM-14-(i)---E-mail-from-NYCC-re-Stronger-Communities-'Eat,-Meet-and-Greet'-Events.pdf 720.8 KB ITEM 17 (a) - Financial Schedule and Statement ITEM-17-(a)---Financial-Schedule-and-Statement.pdf 204.9 KB ITEM 17 (b) - Governance, Accounting and Audit Statements & Notices 2018-2019 ITEM-17-(b)---Governance,-Accounting-and-Audit-Statements-&-Notices--2018-2019.pdf 447.8 KB